A Maine Vacation

Our south facing facade soaks up the sun. The solar panels are our source of electricity. The large windows frame the view over the valley to the Camden Hills and Lake Quantebacook.

The kitchen, the loft (a place to play, or lie on the rug, or set up a cot for an unexpected guest), the sliding door to the "bed-closet," a very small room with a double bed and no room for clutter, just the view of the woods to the east.

From the loft, a good overview.

Late summer light and the long view from the living space.


downstairs bedroom

View, downstairs bedroom

bathroom and pantry


Winter evening at camp


Our location is perfect for people who want to retreat from busy urban areas and the saturated tourist belt of the Maine coast.  Abutting the Frye Mountain Game Preserve with easy access to the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance’s network of trails, our camp manages to feel very far away from everything even though Belfast is only ten miles away.  Off-grid, solar-powered, propane fridge, on-demand hot water, wood stove, compost heap out back, herbs to pick from the terraced gardens, fog lingering in the valley come dawn, stars aplenty in the true dark at night, moss and lichen gleaming in the rain, wildflowers brassy in the hot sun.  Real kitchen suitable for cooks.  Cotton sheets, soft pillows, comfortable beds—one queen sized and one double.  No phone line, tv, or internet access.  Good cell phone reception.  Good pets are welcome

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1 Response to A Maine Vacation

  1. Hey there ~ It was great to meet you properly, and get to visit for a bit!
    Scott & Melody
    and Cricket and Marley and Ava, and Kippy (who sends his best wet kisses to Romy!)

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